ora-13344: an arcpolygon geometry has fewer than five coordinates

Cause: A geometry, specified as being an arcpolygon, has fewer than five coordinates in its definition.
Action: An arcpolygon must consist of at least five coordinates. An arcpolygon consists of an ordered sequence of arcs, each of which must be described using three coordinates. Since arcs are connected the end-point of the first is the start of the second and does not have to be repeated. Correct the geometric definition, or set the appropriate SDO_GTYPE or SDO_ETYPE attribute for this geometry.

existe una geometría de arcopolígono con menos de cinco coordenadas
une géométrie de type arc-polygone a moins de cinq coordonnées
Bogenpolygon-Geometrie hat weniger als fünf Koordinaten
uma geometria de polígono arco tem menos de cinco coordenadas
ora-24171 ora-27376